Sunday, 14 August 2011

Diplomatic Immunity and Murder

This link is to an article that was published in the Mail on Sunday, on the 14th of August. Medawar has taken the liberty of reproducing the above crucial photograph from the article, in case improper pressure from Downing Street or what's left of the former leadership of the Metropolitan Police, causes the paper to withdraw this article from its webpage.

The BMW Series 3, diplomatic registration 251D198 was seen fifty yards from Mr Williams' flat, the day after he was last seen outside the flat.

Another BMW series 3, registration 251D306, was seen in a multi-storey car park behind the flat, the occupant, a brown haired-man, got out to pay the parking charge, but wasn't seen to go anywhere.

Both sightings were made by a Russian emigré with a very healthy regard for his own safety, which causes him to carefully document the presence of Russian Embassy cars near his home. It is unusual for Russian Embassy cars to appear in this part of London, and these particular ones were not seen there before or since the week of Mr Williams' murder.

Medawar has already commented on the fact that Mr Williams was working on ways to track illicit movements of money (now hitting £18bn a month) from Russia to London and presumably beyond. The article in this link gives some idea as to why these money movements are important, and who might be on the receiving end.

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Anonymous said...

Documentation of these criminals through photographs and video and audio recordings are going to be their downfall.

Many TIs are doing this as a matter of course these days because we have the technology available to us to do so.

Criminals will have more and more difficulty engaging in these criminal acts with impunity simply because they're bribing government, police or intelligence officials to cover their tracks.

That is no longer going to be enough to cover their tracks because we also have the internet available to us.

Even killing us isn't going to help them because by the time we post the evidence and our analysis, a lot of other people pick it up, and it's too late.

The Internet and Technology is giving power back to the ordinary, every day person, who cares about ending corruption.